Sunday, June 26, 2011

When in doubt, idiot-proof is always the way to go.

I've never fallen in the technologically savvy category of humans, so when I finally discovered the extraordinary Instagram application, it was love at first sight.  A person with an IQ of twelve could use the app with ease, and without fail each and every picture would come out looking flawlessly beautiful (either that, or my infatuation with all things vintage is seriously clouding my judgement).  Sometimes I wish I could permanently view the world through an Instagram lens....

Funky elastic tube-top from sixth grade (literally), vintage aladdin pants, Antik Batik Bongo bag, Michael Kors watch, Zodiac watch, vintage timex watch, Earrings handmade by me?
Photos courtesy of the one and only Emothy.

**As a word of advice to anyone who has ever/will ever consider purchasing an Antik Batik handbag: Don't do it! I stalked this bag on Net-A-Porter for weeks before finally sucking it up and dropping the three hundred plus dollars and I've been thoroughly disappointed ever since.  Yes the bag appears to be pretty, but the quality is sub-par and all the fun embellishments (fringe, copper colored grommets/sequins) seem to be breaking off.  I've probably spent more time reattaching pieces than actually wearing the bag.**

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Epic Homegasm

Hemma hos Marie Olsson Nylander

There is no denying that my parents possessed what you would call an extraordinarily eclectic' sense of interior decorating taste (aka complete lack of style). Growing up, the inside of our home was the hideous love child of the pastel-pink-loving-tightie-whitie-wearing-southern-country-man and the neurologically-damaged-town-pack-rat-lady that managed to keep every single piece of plastic/glass/garbage that passed in front of her gaping eyes. As a result of being traumatized by a decade of pure visual torture, I have become mildly obsessed with aesthetically pleasing images of home decoration.  Between the smoothly-textured panels of the whitewashed walls/ceilings, the slabs of natural wood fabricated into furniture, the rustic copper-colored spiral staircase, and the uniquely patterned pieces that appear as if they have been hand picked from all over the world; this home is the epitome of sheer perfection. 

Images via