Thursday, July 21, 2011

ISABEL MARANT FALL 2011: bring on the gore

I'm at a total loss of words. I'm not sure if it's the magnificent textures of these perfectly-lenthged pieces or if I'm heavily biased as a result of the stunning fringe-covered knee-high boots in various shades of soft supple suede, but I'm seriously hoping that I have recurrent dreams about Isabel Marant's fall collection.  I'd gladly suffer through some gruesomely bloody zombie-apocalyptic nightmares (where donkey poop is the only available source of sustenance) just so long as I could be dressed in one of IM's fabulous poncho-esque rain jackets and armed with a neon laser shooting BlasTech Industries E-11 blaster rifle**.  I think I'm officially drowning in an overflowing pool of my own saliva.

**complements of Sir Michelle Grio

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Temporary Satiation of my Preposterous Frame Obsession

For some time now, I've been wanting a blackboard for the forlorn entryway, but I try not to purchase things that aren't EPIC and don't exactly fit the mental image I envision. Not that I'm horribly picky, but in all honesty it's a survival mechanism that I was forced to adopt in order to prevent my house from exploding with all the junk that I buy (and have nowhere to store). While strolling home from the grocery store the other day, I sauntered through the swingy glass doors of the local thrift store and found this disgustingly hideous piece (but in perfect dimensions/thickness of border) buried in a dusty corner under a pile of shattered mirror shards. My lucky discovery brings us to today's project: operation blackboard.

Step 1: Find a painting that you would rather throw darts at than display on your living room wall and tape around the actual artwork portion with masking tape to protect the frame from paint. I prefer to tear the tape into small pieces instead of using one long strip (it's easier to apply and remove with accuracy).
Step 2: Purchase a can of blackboard paint at any nearby hardware store (or order online). I believe there is a spray on option, but I liked the idea of subtle painted texture so I kept it old school. When applying paint to the surface, make brush strokes in a consistent direction. Wait for the paint to dry COMPLETELY, then repeat process two to three times for optimum results. 
Step 3: Wait for the chalkboard paint to finish drying. Cover the painted portion with scrap paper (use tape to secure). Paint the frame your desired color (I used a flat white).
Step 4: Remove all paper/tape gunk. Hang on the wall and VOILA!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wearing pajamas to the movies... socially indecent? I think not.

Halogen silk blouse, Forever 21 pajama shorts, vintage raffia clutch, Sam Edelman Faye clogs, handmade earrings, Michael Kors/Zodiac/vintage watches, Anthropologie/handmade rings
Apparently the weather gods have taken it upon themselves to dish out an unreasonable dose of inhumane punishment this year. It's July now, and the sun in still permanently tucked behind a thick/creamy sheet of low-hanging cumulus clusters. Since school let out, I've spent the majority of my time wearing fuzzy fleece socks and burrito-ing under three down blankets within the comfort of my giant four poster bed (it is sort of ironic that I'm always freezing in bed, yet I still refuse to wear pants).  In light of the recent near-death-lethargic-ness a new trend has been birthed: pajamas in public! I suppose I've always been guilty of multi-purposing sleep clothes for street clothes, but as long as the bottoms are paired with a semi-dressy top, no one will ever notice!