Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pamela Love? More like obsessive unrequited lust.

Words cannot adequately describe the extraordinariness of these exquisitely breathtaking handmade treasures designed by the legendary Pamela Love. Simply splendid.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The triumphant termination of a DSLR hijacking era. Finally one to call my own!

My  pocket-sized seven-point-two migapixel Sony point-and-shoot has served as a faithful and virtually indestructable companion over the past several years. It has experienced countless dips in bubbly champagne, gone for far too many  traumatizing free-fall rides, and encountered a plethora of losing battles with the rough/unfriendly/rocky terrain of trash-littered alleyways in various foreign countries.  Fingers crossed that this shiny new toy does not suffer the same horrible fate!  I'm still wildly uneducated when it comes to novelty photography gadgets, but trial and error is generally a good way to learn... so we took this plastic little Nikon out for a test run on my standard 'errand running' outfit.

Random boutique top, Seven for All Mankind cutoff shorts, BCBG suede platforms, DKNY studded handbag, Peacock feather earrings found in my ETSY store, Michael Kors/Vintage watches, Mexican beach vendor bracelet**
**Every time my sister goes on vacation, she brings me a piece of jewelry with my name on it. I'm convinced she thinks I suffer from some form of severe incurable amnesia and therefore as a result cannot remember my own three-letter name.