Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pamela Love? More like obsessive unrequited lust.

Words cannot adequately describe the extraordinariness of these exquisitely breathtaking handmade treasures designed by the legendary Pamela Love. Simply splendid.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The triumphant termination of a DSLR hijacking era. Finally one to call my own!

My  pocket-sized seven-point-two migapixel Sony point-and-shoot has served as a faithful and virtually indestructable companion over the past several years. It has experienced countless dips in bubbly champagne, gone for far too many  traumatizing free-fall rides, and encountered a plethora of losing battles with the rough/unfriendly/rocky terrain of trash-littered alleyways in various foreign countries.  Fingers crossed that this shiny new toy does not suffer the same horrible fate!  I'm still wildly uneducated when it comes to novelty photography gadgets, but trial and error is generally a good way to learn... so we took this plastic little Nikon out for a test run on my standard 'errand running' outfit.

Random boutique top, Seven for All Mankind cutoff shorts, BCBG suede platforms, DKNY studded handbag, Peacock feather earrings found in my ETSY store, Michael Kors/Vintage watches, Mexican beach vendor bracelet**
**Every time my sister goes on vacation, she brings me a piece of jewelry with my name on it. I'm convinced she thinks I suffer from some form of severe incurable amnesia and therefore as a result cannot remember my own three-letter name.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

ISABEL MARANT FALL 2011: bring on the gore

I'm at a total loss of words. I'm not sure if it's the magnificent textures of these perfectly-lenthged pieces or if I'm heavily biased as a result of the stunning fringe-covered knee-high boots in various shades of soft supple suede, but I'm seriously hoping that I have recurrent dreams about Isabel Marant's fall collection.  I'd gladly suffer through some gruesomely bloody zombie-apocalyptic nightmares (where donkey poop is the only available source of sustenance) just so long as I could be dressed in one of IM's fabulous poncho-esque rain jackets and armed with a neon laser shooting BlasTech Industries E-11 blaster rifle**.  I think I'm officially drowning in an overflowing pool of my own saliva.

**complements of Sir Michelle Grio

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Temporary Satiation of my Preposterous Frame Obsession

For some time now, I've been wanting a blackboard for the forlorn entryway, but I try not to purchase things that aren't EPIC and don't exactly fit the mental image I envision. Not that I'm horribly picky, but in all honesty it's a survival mechanism that I was forced to adopt in order to prevent my house from exploding with all the junk that I buy (and have nowhere to store). While strolling home from the grocery store the other day, I sauntered through the swingy glass doors of the local thrift store and found this disgustingly hideous piece (but in perfect dimensions/thickness of border) buried in a dusty corner under a pile of shattered mirror shards. My lucky discovery brings us to today's project: operation blackboard.

Step 1: Find a painting that you would rather throw darts at than display on your living room wall and tape around the actual artwork portion with masking tape to protect the frame from paint. I prefer to tear the tape into small pieces instead of using one long strip (it's easier to apply and remove with accuracy).
Step 2: Purchase a can of blackboard paint at any nearby hardware store (or order online). I believe there is a spray on option, but I liked the idea of subtle painted texture so I kept it old school. When applying paint to the surface, make brush strokes in a consistent direction. Wait for the paint to dry COMPLETELY, then repeat process two to three times for optimum results. 
Step 3: Wait for the chalkboard paint to finish drying. Cover the painted portion with scrap paper (use tape to secure). Paint the frame your desired color (I used a flat white).
Step 4: Remove all paper/tape gunk. Hang on the wall and VOILA!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wearing pajamas to the movies... socially indecent? I think not.

Halogen silk blouse, Forever 21 pajama shorts, vintage raffia clutch, Sam Edelman Faye clogs, handmade earrings, Michael Kors/Zodiac/vintage watches, Anthropologie/handmade rings
Apparently the weather gods have taken it upon themselves to dish out an unreasonable dose of inhumane punishment this year. It's July now, and the sun in still permanently tucked behind a thick/creamy sheet of low-hanging cumulus clusters. Since school let out, I've spent the majority of my time wearing fuzzy fleece socks and burrito-ing under three down blankets within the comfort of my giant four poster bed (it is sort of ironic that I'm always freezing in bed, yet I still refuse to wear pants).  In light of the recent near-death-lethargic-ness a new trend has been birthed: pajamas in public! I suppose I've always been guilty of multi-purposing sleep clothes for street clothes, but as long as the bottoms are paired with a semi-dressy top, no one will ever notice!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

When in doubt, idiot-proof is always the way to go.

I've never fallen in the technologically savvy category of humans, so when I finally discovered the extraordinary Instagram application, it was love at first sight.  A person with an IQ of twelve could use the app with ease, and without fail each and every picture would come out looking flawlessly beautiful (either that, or my infatuation with all things vintage is seriously clouding my judgement).  Sometimes I wish I could permanently view the world through an Instagram lens....

Funky elastic tube-top from sixth grade (literally), vintage aladdin pants, Antik Batik Bongo bag, Michael Kors watch, Zodiac watch, vintage timex watch, Earrings handmade by me?
Photos courtesy of the one and only Emothy.

**As a word of advice to anyone who has ever/will ever consider purchasing an Antik Batik handbag: Don't do it! I stalked this bag on Net-A-Porter for weeks before finally sucking it up and dropping the three hundred plus dollars and I've been thoroughly disappointed ever since.  Yes the bag appears to be pretty, but the quality is sub-par and all the fun embellishments (fringe, copper colored grommets/sequins) seem to be breaking off.  I've probably spent more time reattaching pieces than actually wearing the bag.**

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Epic Homegasm

Hemma hos Marie Olsson Nylander

There is no denying that my parents possessed what you would call an extraordinarily eclectic' sense of interior decorating taste (aka complete lack of style). Growing up, the inside of our home was the hideous love child of the pastel-pink-loving-tightie-whitie-wearing-southern-country-man and the neurologically-damaged-town-pack-rat-lady that managed to keep every single piece of plastic/glass/garbage that passed in front of her gaping eyes. As a result of being traumatized by a decade of pure visual torture, I have become mildly obsessed with aesthetically pleasing images of home decoration.  Between the smoothly-textured panels of the whitewashed walls/ceilings, the slabs of natural wood fabricated into furniture, the rustic copper-colored spiral staircase, and the uniquely patterned pieces that appear as if they have been hand picked from all over the world; this home is the epitome of sheer perfection. 

Images via

Monday, October 11, 2010

Treasures from the Backyard

Moving to a new home + upcoming midterms = very hectic life.  Unpacking thirty gallon boxes and slaving over the digestion/absorption of dietary triacylglycerol isn't exactly my idea of a therapeutic weekend, so to reward myself for all the 'hard work' I decided to spoil myself with random thrift store purchases and the creation of a new jewelry masterpiece.

Giant agate slice (discovered under a pile of dirt in the backyard) wrapped with 24 gauge gold wire and bright multi-colored seed beads. Vintage books: products of recent thifting.

A belated twenty-fifty birthday present to my dear friend Andrew: 
Die a happy man. You made the blog. Love you?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Boot Favorites

I have had a million things piling up on my plate lately and this blog has clearly suffered as a result.  Since I have failed to post on the lack of excting things happening in life, I thought I would start off by mentioning the dreaded arrival of fall in Washington.  While people who complain about sweating bullets in the sweltering summer heat may look forward to fall, the end of summer to us Washingtonians simply means being deprived of sunlight as a source of Vitamin D for at least six months.  Be expecting a plethora of gray morbid outfit posts, but do not fret, I plan to stick to my no-pants policy for as long as I can possibly hold out.  Since I will be living in tights and leggings, the search is on for a pair of mid-height booties which will preferably have at least a four inch heel/wedge, cover my ankles, and be made of durable material that can handle mud/rain/dog fecal matter/whatever a clumsy spazz can manage to stumble into (NO suede).  Last year I looked for the 'perfect' fall boot and was utterly disappointed with the results, but this year it seems that designers got it together and released an enormous selection of juicy foot candy which I am drooling with excitement over (the credit card on the other hand, isn't sharing this same sentiment).  Here are several of my favorites: 


2. Senso Neve $199.95
3. Topshop Asher II $80.00
5. Dolce Vita Prince $134.95 

I find myself leaning towards shoe number five....  Call me delusional, but the utilitarian looks gives me the impression that the 'Prince' can handle the beating/trashing/serious abuse that I plan to deliver.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Die Another Day: GIVEAWAY?

I have unofficially made it 4/5th of the way through the first week of medical school (which feels much closer to thirteen years than ninety-six measly hours).  I have contemplated, on several occasions, taking a slide down the chute of the large annoyingly-yellow mechanical wood-chipper parked in the neighbor's driveway... but for once in my life I have managed to resist the erratic tendencies.  Since I shall live to see another lovely sunrise, I would like to announce my very first giveaway. 

Say hello to the GARDEN ROSETTE bracelet, a pretty little Kelly green bangle delicately wrapped with gold wire (handmade by myself)! Enter for a chance to win by: 
a)following this blog
b)writing a random tidbit/interesting fact about yourself in the comment section
c)thinking positive thoughts! 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Unexpected Adoption

Marc Jacobs Dress, Vintage Belt, Bakers Wedges, Ray Ban Aviators, Leather Handbag Purchased on Via Tornabuoni in Florence Italy

Post fashion week I've been experiencing an insatiable desire to purchase/wear neutral tones, delicate lace pieces, and military inspired clothing. However, while meandering around the store the other day, the colorful print on this little dress caught my eye and literally begged to be tried on.  Although it could not be farther from what I was originally searching for, I caved and was forced to give it a home.   

SKITTLES Earrings Handmade by Me

All Vintage Bracelets, Rings (left to right): Vintage/Mexico/Vintage/Vintage/OPAQUE BAUBLE ring Handmade by Me