Thursday, September 23, 2010

Die Another Day: GIVEAWAY?

I have unofficially made it 4/5th of the way through the first week of medical school (which feels much closer to thirteen years than ninety-six measly hours).  I have contemplated, on several occasions, taking a slide down the chute of the large annoyingly-yellow mechanical wood-chipper parked in the neighbor's driveway... but for once in my life I have managed to resist the erratic tendencies.  Since I shall live to see another lovely sunrise, I would like to announce my very first giveaway. 

Say hello to the GARDEN ROSETTE bracelet, a pretty little Kelly green bangle delicately wrapped with gold wire (handmade by myself)! Enter for a chance to win by: 
a)following this blog
b)writing a random tidbit/interesting fact about yourself in the comment section
c)thinking positive thoughts! 


  1. these are so incredible!! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, even though i'm a new reader i secretly (well not so secretly now) hope i win ;)
    and medical school? that is awesome!

  2. these are gorgeous
    tiny tidbit: i'm not so secretly obsessed with channing tatum haha.
    Haute Californian

  3. How cute! Following with bloglovin and google :)
    tidbit....ermmm....I have social phobia but online I'm not afraid or shy at all, haha

  4. Hello fashionista. I just went through your blog and I love all your little dresses, I love the burst of color and all the accessories. I am looking forward to reading more posts from you. I didn't have to think twice about clicking the follow button. Already following you sweetie. Have a great weekend

  5. thanks for your comment in my blog!!

    Rain Of Dew

  6. Congrats on med school! I just finished law school and I'm told med school makes it look like pre-school!

    and i love your posts...scrolled down and died when I saw you bought a purse on Via Tornabuoni in Florence. I studied there in college and loved it so much...and talk about one hell of street! holy shops!

    thanks for stopping by my blog the the other day. i'm a new follower and look forward to your posts!

  7. gorgeous! love the flower detail. very creative. keep it up!

  8. Congrats on the milestones you are making in med school! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I am a NEW follower of your blog...I love what I have read so far :)

    <3, natasha

  9. Hang on, all the schooling will be worth it in the end! I am already a follower, so here is the interesting tidbit: I hate cilantro and wasabi, think I am becoming addicted to cashew nuts, am currently studying for the GRE, and have lived in 5 countries in the last few years, currently residing in Thailand!

  10. Congratulations, hang in there! Very cool give-away too!


    Twenty York Street

  11. There'll be a time you'll miss your school and college days so enjoy them!!

  12. Good luck with hanging on! You can get through it. (:

  13. oh congrats on med school! I'm a follower and the bracelet is so pretty! lets see a timbit about myself... I love watching Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore lol

  14. i deff. would have to say my secret that a lot of people dont know is that im going to be a huge fashion designer one day..they just dont know it yet =] haha. you look gorge!

  15. Would love to join in :) I'm following with google.

    I'm a talkative person and love to have fun:) !

    P.S. I'm also having a two winner giveaway! Hope you can join in too.

  16. I just discovered your blog and it's great! I'm glad to see you're doing well and, of course, still making jewelry. It's all beautiful, Joy! I'd love to catch up sometime!

    Best, Kristin L

  17. joy boy i miss you ! this bracelet is beautiful. tiny tidbit..i've been sleeping on a couch for a month holla

  18. Congrats!! I'm sure you'll do great in med school, Joy:) Hang in there! Lovely jewelry! Count me in! I'm a follower through google connect and a random tidbit: Lately, I'm obsessed with anything pumpkin!:)


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