Monday, August 16, 2010

Hour of Happiness

Hello, my name is Joy and I am a happy hour addict. Truthfully speaking, I'm not enticed by the drink specials nearly as much as I am obsessed with the idea of munching on an assortment of delightful food items without having to wash the dishes afterwards. Kozue, one of the Japanese restaurants that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis, has a fantastic happy hour from five to six-thirty every day of the week except Sunday (closed). The menu options are plentiful, the food is consistently delectable, and the outdoor deck seating is easily prime people watching real estate. On sunny days such as this one, a plate of crunchy salmon skin rolls and an ice cold beer followed by a leisurely stroll through the lovely neighborhood is my idea of a perfect afternoon adventure!

Forever 21 Tank Dress, Cynthia Vincent Wedges, Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses

Antik Batik Fringed Bongo Bag, Mexican Beach Vendor Turquoise Ring, Taiwanese Street Market Pyramid Rhinestone Ring 

ABACUS necklace handmade by me, Vintage Rings, Michael Kors Watch


  1. Hello there...thanks for visiting my blog too:) Im a new follower...have a great day!

  2. I saw your comment about MK's gigantic handbag.You're funny and besides that you also have a nice fashion view.
    Nice to meet you here,Joy Chou! ;)

  3. great bag! i am still searching for the perfect fringe bag!

  4. I love all of your outfit shots in this one! And we'll need to hit up that happy hour together next time I'm in Seattle...

  5. You are SO SO cute! I love your blog, definitely a new follower. Thanks for the Steve Madden tip too, I'll go check it out, and maybe if they don't ship international just send them to my mom in SF to collect at a later date :)

  6. Adore the whole look! The chain necklace is beyond sexy!


  7. that tank dress is lovely.
    i love how you've accessorised it.
    the second shot shows it off really well. x.

  8. hi there,love your shades!!!!!!


"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder." -Anonymous

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