Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Please Don't Shoot Me

Last night I fired my very first Heckler & Koch P30 aka. pistol (for those of you who are non-weapon savvy, like myself). I anticipated that this whole gun range experience would be liberating and epic, but in actuality I found it exceedingly frightening. Aside from being intimidated by the badass lady firing a nine-foot-ground-shaking cannon in the lane directly to my right, my lack of skill resulted in the 'range instructor' being terrorized into providing me with free lessons (apparently he feared for his life from the opposite side of the plexiglass window). So today, feeling like an immense failure in my manly endeavors, I decided to ransack my closet for the most feminine outfit I could dig up. Who needs guns when you can have a dresser full of dainty floral skirts and buckets of chunky shiny jewelry?

Urban outfitter skirt, Gap tank, Jessica Simpson platforms, Chloe sunglasses, vintage scalloped clutch

Corona and Lime, forced upon me by the photographer.

Handmade beaded dreamcatcher necklace, Michael Kors Watch, Vintage Rings and Belt


  1. ou are so cute, i love your skirt and watch- really cool x

  2. hey.., I have some pieces of esteban cortazar for Exito... would you be interested??

  3. Hello...I just found your blog....really great outfits!!!!
    Going to follow:)

  4. love your blog

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  5. gorgeous skirt. Love it.xx

  6. loving the color palette of your outfit, makes for a great image


  7. your dream catcher necklace is so pretty!

  8. I have that same skirt! haha. I think your the first blogger that I've seen wearing something I own which is funny because we're both Seattle based! All I can say is you have good taste (:

  9. youre one of the only ones who can pull off some of these styles! p.s. <3 corona mmm

  10. love your skirt and accessories, but j.simpson platforms are great!
    I like your style and following now! :)

    check out my blog too!


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