Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shiny New Toy

I've had terrible luck with computers in the past, most likely due to extreme impatience and uncontrollably click-happy fingers, however I am excited to say that I am a proud new owner of a MacBook Pro! I've tormented and killed a couple of Dell Latitudes and a Sony VAIO in the last several years, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that this laptop will be my loyal companion for the next four years of graduate school. Besides being extra cautious to drop no more than twelve medium sized bread crumbs onto the keyboard in one sitting, I decided to make it a case and protect it from being attacked by the assortment of sharp objects floating around in the bottom of my handbags. I purchased half-a-yard of home decor fabric with foliage-looking print, half-a-yard of funky multi-colored fleece, and a fourteen inch cerulean zipper; then set off to hunt for a sewing machine (many thanks to my kind friend Jacqui). One hour later, I found myself with a soft but slightly-too-tight computer pouch. After finishing the sewing portion of the project, I felt that the zipper looked a little lonely so I snazzed it up with a flat gold waffle bead, some small freshwater pearls, pretty coral seed beads, a flat horn bead, and a large green resin oval.


  1. i think that for your next entry, you should go through this website and show the anti-gems PS, nice work lady, it's looking good!



  2. Ooooh I love the bead bobble! I forgot to tell you that my case is a bit on the snug side too, and has never been an issue. Good job!

  3. I put my first sticker on mine today!!!!!! Excitings for everyone


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