Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Unfriendly Tree

Gap T-shirt Dress, Steve Madden Wedge Sandals, Zara bag, Ray Ban 3025 Aviators

Right Wrist: Yellow Nordstrom bauble bracelet and three thrift store finds. Left Wrist: Anthropologie blue crystal bracelet, an assortment of thrift store goodies, Coral cuff discovered at random Las Vegas boutique, H&M textured gold bangle

Since I spend ninety-eight percent of my free time either shopping online for clothes I do not need, or stalking Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for their plethora of big beautiful handbags, I figured it was about time I found another outlet for my shopping/stalking addiction and direct my attention elsewhere... which brings us to the birth of this blog. To be quite honest, I am terrified of posing for pictures, but my admiration of other talented fashion bloggers has forced me to rethink and conquer my fear (most of you know that the exhibitionist in me would much rather run down the street naked than smile for a camera). Speaking of running in streets, that brings us back to today's adventures and the evil tree which resides on the Northwest corner of 44th and Densmore Avenue. After a day of carefree frolicking in the rare-but-wonderful Seattle sunshine, we find ourselves at Julia's of Wallingford, a tacky happy hour joint a couple blocks from our house. One Hefeweizen pint later, I'm struggling to walk in a straight line and so very thankful that Seattle drivers are exceptionally tolerant of daytime drunks crossing streets when the sun is out. Just as I'm smiling to myself thinking about my fabulous luck, I run smack into a thick low-hanging tree and knock myself straight to the ground. Hah. So much for good luck. The picture of the tree and I are compliments of my kind friend Nicholas, who took the opportunity to snap as many photos of my misfortune as possible, instead of checking up of my swollen bleeding head.


  1. Joy I can't wait to start reading this! You have such amazing style- glad I will be able to keep up with it down here in Portland! And I'm glad you started everything off with a quintessential Joy experience, hope you've survived alright!

  2. haha is that a pic of you eating molly moon's the other day? doesn't look like mint...


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