Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When in Doubt, Paint it Gold

Yesterday as I was walking to the grocery store to pick up wine and a movie, a dilapidated pile of junk with a shabby FREE sign caught my eye. Amongst the random pieces of plywood, the rusty chairs, and the broken dresser drawers I discovered a treasure: aka an ugly framed photo! I contemplated carrying it to the store, but after much consideration, decided it would be better to stash it in some nearby bushes for   later retrieval (a wise decision considering my lack of coordination would probably have lead to chaos in the form of an astronomical watermelon avalanche or the disastrous destruction of wine displays).

So back to the treasure: if any of you are half as picky as I am, then you know that it's nearly impossible to find a jewelry stand/rack that you love. Either it's A) too small, B) too easy to knock over, C) just plain ugly... etc. Here is a simple alternative, where you can not only choose the color and size of your liking, but also experience the added benefit of wall mounting (to prevent from all possibilities of a future Jewelry 9-11 catastrophe).

Step 1: Find a frame (garage sales and thrift stores are usually good places to look).

Step 2: Spray on a layer of primer and wait for it to dry completely before applying color.

Step 3: Spray on the color of your choice and wait for the paint to dry. Check for spots you may have overlooked before attaching hardware.

Step 4: Use a ruler to make evenly spaced out markings on the back of the frame where the hooks will be attached (I used basic 5/8" brass plated hooks purchased at Home Depot). Since the hooks I used were open instead of fully enclosed, I used a pair of pliers to bend two hooks completely shut (used to attach the tulle at the top part of the frame).  Screw one of the closed hooks on the top left corner on the frame and the other on the top right. Tie one end of a piece of fabric to the left hook and the other end to the right hook (ribbon could also work if you prefer).

Step 5: Enjoy your custom made jewelry rack! (the pieces hanging here are part of my new jewelry collection soon to be on sale my Etsy store!)


  1. Wow!I need something similar.Do you mind if I still the idea? Sort of... :)
    Just cool!

  2. Brilliant, you did this yourself? wow!




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